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3410, Gene H. Kruger
Trois-Rivières, Qc

(819) 698-6521

Depuis 2012, Bois Design crée du mobilier en bois massif avec des courbes naturelles appelées ''live edge'' ou ''freeform'' suivant la croissance de l'arbre.  Ce procédé est une manière d'utiliser la quasi totalité d'un arbre en lui donnant une deuxième vie et par le fait même, de créer des pièces uniques ayant un caractère exceptionnel.

Since 2012, Bois Design creates live edge hardwood tables called ''live edge'' or ''freeform'' respecting the tree's growth.  We use local wood such as black walnut, maple, oak, ash and elm.  This process uses most of the tree and gives it a second life.  

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Our story

Beautiful Things

Since 2012, Bois & Design creates solid wood furniture with natural sides called ''live edge'' following the trees growth. We are only enhancer of the wood's natural beauty making each piece has unique and beautiful as the next.  

Style & Quality

Creating according to your needs allows us no bounderies and limit in what we can do.  We are giving wood a second life in the mean time creating unique pieces having exceptionnal characters.  

Listening to design movements and decorating new trends, we fabricate unique pieces of furniture with sober lines mixing textures to asnwer to your needs and taste for your wide range of living lifestyle.  

Marrying wood's natural beauty and the industrial look of steel, aluminum, concrete, carbon fiber and stainless steel makes Bois & Design's creations going through times and will add to any decors grace and warmth to your interior and exterior decors.  

Enhancing wood's natural beauty is our utmost desire. We plan to create together your table by letting us know your desire and style and we will make it happen. 

Creativity is contagious,
pass it along.
— Albert Einstein


Charles St-Louis began his entrepreneur's carreer with the passion for business and the passion for wood.  With more than 10 years experience in business development, Charles managed to launch Bois & Design on solid grounds. His first tables were sold on the NYC market and manufactured in a friends' garage.

Bois & Design spends extensive time and efforts to choose the right quality logs that will be the beginning to amazing designs.  We own black walnut slabs, maple, oak, ash and other hardwoods, either domestic and exotic.  We carry 2 and 3in thick slabs in our inventory to make a table according to your needs. 

Our slabs have been air dried and kiln dried.