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3410, Gene H. Kruger
Trois-Rivières, Qc

(819) 698-6521

Depuis 2012, Bois Design crée du mobilier en bois massif avec des courbes naturelles appelées ''live edge'' ou ''freeform'' suivant la croissance de l'arbre.  Ce procédé est une manière d'utiliser la quasi totalité d'un arbre en lui donnant une deuxième vie et par le fait même, de créer des pièces uniques ayant un caractère exceptionnel.

Since 2012, Bois Design creates live edge hardwood tables called ''live edge'' or ''freeform'' respecting the tree's growth.  We use local wood such as black walnut, maple, oak, ash and elm.  This process uses most of the tree and gives it a second life.  


Custom made

Custom unique and distinc furniture

Since 2012, Bois & Design has created massive wood furniture with the edges of trees called ''live edge'' or ''free form'' with the tree's
natural curves. This process uses almost everything from the tree by giving it a second life and at the same time, creating unique and
exceptional pieces.

Since every human being is unique and different, your table will be unique to you.  There are never one alike.  Listening to the decoration and design trends, we fabricate furniture with sober lines, marrying elegance and matter to answer your needs, your taste in design and your different living spaces. Coordinating natural wood and raw steel, aluminum, concrete, carbon fiber and stainless steel pushes Bois & Design creations to become timeless pieces which will add sophistication, warmth, nobility to your interior designs.

The owner is involve in every step of the way to create superior quality furniture. Be it a black walnut or other wood type dining
room table, coffee table, side table, office desk, kitchen and bathroom countertops, we offer a complete solution of creation and a
professional installation and high quality service.

Since every slab is different, we fabricate almost exclusively on request.  We have the capacity to answer to your furniture desire. Our wood slabs come from Quebec, the rest of Canada and the USA. We also have suppliers that import exotic wood on demand.