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3410, Gene H. Kruger
Trois-Rivières, Qc

(819) 698-6521

Depuis 2012, Bois Design crée du mobilier en bois massif avec des courbes naturelles appelées ''live edge'' ou ''freeform'' suivant la croissance de l'arbre.  Ce procédé est une manière d'utiliser la quasi totalité d'un arbre en lui donnant une deuxième vie et par le fait même, de créer des pièces uniques ayant un caractère exceptionnel.

Since 2012, Bois Design creates live edge hardwood tables called ''live edge'' or ''freeform'' respecting the tree's growth.  We use local wood such as black walnut, maple, oak, ash and elm.  This process uses most of the tree and gives it a second life.  

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information

Bois & Design will ship in accordance with customer instructions whenever possible. If not specified, Bois & Design will exercise its best judgement in selecting a carrier. Also, Bois & Design takes care of all customs paperwork.


All orders must have the client signature on the previously received quote and emailed to:
or faxed to Bois & Design: 1.888.374.4201

Bois & Design is not liable for duplications if an order is both faxed and emailed. Orders should include the quote number, sizes, type of wood, slab number, legs type, shipping instructions.

All orders are subject to final acceptance by the Bois & Design office in Trois-Rivières, Quebec.
Receipt of our acknowledgement indicated acceptance of the order subject to the terms set forth on the acknowledgement in this document.


All reasonable requests for changes in orders will be honored if received in writing prior to the time the slab is cut and in time to make the change.

Bois & Design reserves the right to charge for labor and administrative costs for order changes.

Bois & Design
3410, Gene H. Kruger
Trois-Rivières, Qc, G9A 4M3

The utmost care is used in packing and shipping.

Our liability ceases when the carrier issues a clear receipt to Bois & Design, which is an acknowledgement by the transportation company that the shipment has been received by them in good condition.

Damaged merchandise should not necessarily be refused but written exception should be made on the bill of lading and an immediate inspection